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Television Series

  • Cooking With Time

    1 season

    Thessalonica Jones takes recipes from the past and shows you how to prepare, serve, and enjoy these historical foods.

  • Forebearer Of The Scone: Bannock

    We are Time Traveling Foodies! Join us for a two part series on The Scone. This is the first episode, the forebearer of the scone, Bannock. We discuss the history behind this ancient bread, show you a historical recipe, and give you tips on how to enjoy it with friends.

  • From The Heart To The Hand: The Art Of Connection Through The Pen

    1 season

    We invite you to join us in this episode of From The Heart To The Hand: The Art of Connection Through The Pen. Our special guest Kathryn Poe is a guest speaker from the Ghost Airhip Allegory. She is a part of a Steampunk Speakers Forum that works with events in the USA.

    We are discussing and fo...

  • Keep Calm, Game On!

    1 season

  • SteamCraft

    1 season

    Welcome to SteamCraft where a Dynamic Duo gets into a lot of chaos making steampunk creations through costuming, props, cosplay, and random upgrades. Featuring Marlene Kammueller, a custom picture framer who cosplays as Asgard Automaton, a steampunk robot who’s curious about the world, and Sterli...

  • The Monocle

    1 season

    Join us for each episode in which we take you from the begining of the Creatives work (career), during the middle, and eventually to the present day. We believe if people know about these wonderful people, the soul behind the creativity, they will want to follow and support them. The Creatives th...

  • Dirigible Days

    1 season

  • Sherlock Holmes Television Show (1954)

    1 season

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, classified in mystery and crime genre, is a TV adaptation of the book written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The show told the stories of a detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his assistant, Dr. Watson, who made work of solving crimes. Holmes was both a consultant detective...

  • Doc Talk
    1 season

    Doc Talk

    1 season

    We are proud and happy to offer these episodes of Doc Talk made especially for Subgenres Channel. Join Doc and Harry as they take us through the varied stories and events in their lives.