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Steampunk Music Video Archive - Collections

Steampunk Music Video Archive - Collections

In this playlist you will find collections of the bands, musicians, and performers that hold all the content that focuses on them included in the channel library.

Steampunk Music Video Archive - Collections
  • Professor Elemental

    6 items

    An award winning hip hop artist and accomplished host,
    the Professor has performed all over the world at everything from festivals to wedding parties, hip hop
    shows to bizarre burlesque. A regular on the worldwide convention and festival scene he has played
    everywhere from Canada to Cambodia.


  • Frenchy And The Punk

    3 items

    Conjuring their own world is what the defiantly independent duo has done for nearly 20 years. Born in France and raised in England and America, Stephenson’s early study of piano and dance ignited her eventual rejection of corporate conformity and fueled her quest to lead a truly autonomous life t...

  • "Elemental Snake Oil" - Professor Elemental

  • New Jacobin Club

    4 items

    Like a tale of Lovecraftian horror told with the sarcasm and wit of Oscar Wilde, New Jacobin Club has been one of Western Canada’s most enigmatic and talked about independent bands for over nearly two decades since their humble punk rock beginnings in the mid 1990's. Their legendary stage theatri...

  • Night Watch Paradox

    3 items

  • The Cogkneys

    2 items

    About The Cogkneys
    Musichall merriment and steampunk delights!
    Available for bookings, please ask or details!
    We perform a variety of old music hall songs, new songs, modern twists and original poetry- we offer:

    straight late Victorian/ Edwardian music hall show with subtly cheekiness

  • Moth
    3 items


    3 items

    Tixia - songwriter, vocals, melodies
    Ben Henderson - instruments, recording

    Ben Henderson was the former guitarist, saxophonist, percussionist and composer with UK band Bôa, but formed the separate musical project Moth with Tixia Henderson in the year 2000. Harking back to a time when songwriti...

  • Dr. Gray And His Orchestra Of One

    5 items

    Dr. Gray And His Orchestra Of One is a UK musician. Doctor Gray is a steampunk musician singing energetic songs about all matters victorian.

  • The Wattingers

    18 items

    Created in 2008 by Martin Wattinger, The Wattingers are a 3 piece act performing against a backdrop of synchronized videos. The music is simply described as ‘Slaughterhouse Blues’; stripped down to the bare bones, inspired by old blues and prison ‘hollers’. Musically, The Wattingers are influence...

  • Victor Sierra

    8 items

    Victor Sierra leads you into a vapourous and multicoloured universe through unexplored paths down to a future that could have been…On stage, The Legendary Converted Princess and Commander Bob energies invite you to go beyond the horizon line, to go for the strange, to be stirred in unison and to ...

  • Victor And The Bully

    4 items

  • Ghostfire

    2 items

  • A Halo Called Fred

    5 items

    A Halo Called Fred has spent the last two decades making the geekiest sounds ever to spring from guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware. Featuring songs about pirates, cavemen, and any body part or flying thing you can think of. They have lent their talents to Burlesque shows, motion picture soundt...

  • Madam Misfit

    5 items

    Sarah Paul - the face behind Madam Misfit - Lincoln, UK
    Her musical career began as a military musician, spanning almost two decades with the Royal Air Force as a clarinettist. She has performed on stages all over the world from the Newcastle to New Zealand.

    “I've really enjoyed combining my own...

  • Alice Strange

    2 items

    Formerly Alice's Night Circus, Alice Strange is classically trained and started her journey in classical music before venturing into her own style of music which encompasses influences from a wide range of musical genres and literature. She now performs her own original songs.

    Alice started sing...

  • The Antipoet

    4 items

    The Antipoet, Paul Eccentric and Ian Newman, are together the world's finest exponents of beatrantin' rhythm 'n views! Having become somewhat successful over the last decade, they have tirelessly toured the poetry, comedy and music circuits and have appeared at countless festivals including, Glas...

  • Feline & Strange

    3 items

    Extremely ill-tempered opera singer, pianist and producer Feline Lang, metal cellist Christoph “Chief” Klemke, and punk drummer Rah Hell are back on the road in Europe and the US with their mesmerising Wave Cabaret Show, presenting the upcoming album: TRIGGER WARNING. A scaringly forceful shift b...

  • Filthy Spectacula

    4 items

    Dark gypsy punk with a hint of piracy and a waft of steampunk. A little off-kilter too.

  • Escape The Clouds

    5 items

    Through his atmospheric, energetic music, Escape the Clouds brings to life vivid stories of wondrous worlds, fascinating characters, and memorable adventures blending “What if?” ideas and real history. Escape the Clouds is a Steampunk band that tells stories through gritty, energetic music and ly...