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Steampunk Music Video Archive

Steampunk Music Video Archive

This is our Steampunk Music Archive. We are collecting the Steampunk Universe's music videos to archive here with information about the bands and their albums to show our love/support of Steampunk music. Steampunks prefer to call the music related to this genre as music Steampunks listen to and make. There is really no specific sound or genre of music that is strictly Steampunk.

We are hoping to create a centralized Steampunk platform that will enable this genre's music lovers to find hours of listening pleasure. It will be easy to find the artists you love and also get to know ones you may not have heard of before. Their bandcamp and social media links will be provided when possible. We also info about the artists, bands, performers themselves so you can learn as much as you can about these wonderful artists. It is our goal to expose the world to Steampunk music and help these artists succeed and gain exposure. No more random searching on YouTube, now you can find your favorite Steampunk musicians here.

Our musicians won't have to worry about people having to know their name or the title of their songs, they won't have to compete with the millions on YouTube for their audience's attention, and they will have a home here on Subgenres that will endeavor to support their endeavors in every way possible.
If you are a band, musical performer, musician, etc. and would like to submit your videos here, please contact us at:
[email protected] and we will gladly add you to the growing list.

Steampunk Music Video Archive