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Sherlock Holmes Television Show (1954)

Sherlock Holmes Television Show (1954)

19 Episodes

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, classified in mystery and crime genre, is a TV adaptation of the book written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The show told the stories of a detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his assistant, Dr. Watson, who made work of solving crimes. Holmes was both a consultant detective with law enforcement and a private detective who took cases from an array of clients, in both instances solving even the most intricate cases (IMDb).

Holmes is portrayed as providing a new sense of justice, one seen as fairer than the regular criminal justice system. Owen Edwards, a Welsh broadcaster of the late 1900s, wrote and published a biography of Arthur Doyle – he suggests that his book was written to reveal real social injustices in our world, specifically “official incompetence and aristocratic privilege” (The Quest for Sherlock Holmes). The TV adaptation acts just as the book does, providing thrilling entertainment while also bringing to light real-life unjust issues.

During the 1940s before The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes first aired, TV was described as “filling but flavorless” (Learning to Live with Television). As the United States rolled over into a new decade, TV networks began to diversify the programs to keep their current audiences and attract new viewers. Americans wanted action, adventure, and mystery, something to keep them wanting to watch more each week. However, during the 1950s, social critics worried that TV was becoming addictive to children – they also warned that violent TV would create violent children.

Surveys of the time showed that children were watching upwards of 30 hours of TV a week which came as a shocking discovery. While some Americans bought into the argument, as is obvious with the uproar the Dodd’s hearings caused, others embraced TV (even violent shows) as an escape from the real-world realities of the Cold War. While the show could have been considered violent since the storyline involved death, theft, and weapons, the American public continued to enjoy The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes because, even without realizing it, the stories saved Americans from their troubled lives and rang out with the sound of freedom and integrity when justice was served

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Sherlock Holmes Television Show (1954)
  • The Case Of The Reluctant Carpenter

    Common Domain License
    Another Holmes/Watson entry from the 1955 television series. This time it involves a blackmail scheme where fires are being set. The bad guys are trying to extort money from the British government and our boys are asked by Sc...

  • The Case Of The Vanished Detective

    Episode 19

    Common Domain License
    Sherlock Holmes has been missing for two days, and Dr. Watson frantically summons Inspector Lestrade to help him search for the detective. The two of them find a letter asking Holmes to take a case on behalf of a shop owner, ...

  • The Case Of The Careless Suffragette

    Episode 20

    Common Domain License
    Synopsis by Snow Leopard From IMDb, Plot Author
    Angry over the defeat of a women's suffrage bill in Parliament, a zealous suffragette seeks out an anarchist, and acquires a bomb in the shape of a croquet ball. She does not in...

  • The Case Of The Deadly Pudding

    Episode 23

    Common Domain License
    Synopsis by Snow Leopard from IMDb, Plot Author
    Just before the Christmas holiday, John Norton is convicted of murder and is sentenced to death. In the courtroom, Norton threatens Sherlock Holmes, and swears to kill the detec...

  • The Case Of The Night Train Riddle

    Episode 24

    Common Domain License,
    Synopsis by Snow Leopard from IMDb, Plot Author
    A young boy and his father are traveling on a train, and after they have a fight, the boy runs out of the compartment and seems to have vanished into thin air. Although his go...

  • The Case of the Cunningham Heritage - Sherlock Holmes 1954

    Episode 1

    Common Domain
    Dr. John Watson has just returned to London, after being wounded while serving with the military in Afghanistan. While looking for a place to live, a friend puts him in touch with Sherlock Holmes, and the two agree to share lodgings in Baker Street. Holmes proves an interesting if e...

  • The Case Of Lady Beryl - Sherlock Holmes 1954

    Episode 2

    Common Domain
    Annoyed by a newspaper account that fails to give Sherlock Holmes proper credit for solving the Cunningham case, Dr. Watson goes to Scotland Yard to complain to Inspector Lestrade. While Watson is with the inspector, word arrives that a murder has been committed at the home of Lord ...

  • The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun - Sherlock Holmes 1954

    Episode 4

    Common Domain

  • The Case Of The Texas Cowgirl - Sherlock Holmes 1954

    Episode 4

    Common Domain
    A covered wagon from "Bison Jake's Wild West Rodeo" pulls up outside 221B Baker Street, and cowgirl Minnie O'Malley goes inside to see Sherlock Holmes. She tells the detective that she has found a dead man in her hotel room, apparently killed by a tomahawk that she uses in her act. ...

  • The Case Of The Belligerent Ghost

    Episode 5

    Common Domain

  • The Case Of The Shy Ballerina - Sherlock Holmes 1954

    Common Domain
    Dr. Watson accidentally comes home from his club with another man's coat, providing an important clue when the other man is murdered late that same night.

    As Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson prepare to go out for a walk, Watson realizes that he has accidentally picked up another man'...

  • The Case Of The Winthrop Legend

    Episode 7

    Common Domain, Public Use License
    Director: Jack Gage 1954
    Writers: Arthur Conan Doyle, Harold Jack Bloom, Sheldon Reynolds
    Stars: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-CrawfordIvan, Ivan Desny

    Harvey Winthrop comes to see Sherlock Holmes out of concern for his older brother John. There is an old family ...

  • The Case Of The Blind Man's Bluff

    Episode 8

    A sailor in a pub returns to his table and finds a chicken claw tied with a black ribbon hanging over it. He angrily accuses a barmaid of putting it there, but she denies it. Just after the sailor leaves the pub, he is stabbed to death. Inspector Lestrade consults Sherlock Holmes about the case, ...

  • The Case Of Harry Crocker

    Episode 9

    Public Domain, Public Use License
    Director: Sheldon Reynolds
    Writers: Arthur Conan Doyle, Harold Jack Bloom
    Stars: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford, Archie Duncan

  • French Interpreter