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Shenanigans Resource Guide

Shenanigans Resource Guide

We are currently in the process of building a Worldwide Resource Guide that focuses on Fandom Tourism (Steampunk and Other Related Genres). You will find spots that cover conventions all over the world, updates, events, and all the information you could want about the world of Steampunk Shenanigans.

Shenanigans Resource Guide
  • TeslaCon 2022 Vendor Promo

    This is one in the series of TeslaCon 2022 promo videos for the Shenanigan Report and our official event coverage for the convention. Please enjoy the coverage.

  • Frenchy And The Punk Shout Out: Stupid Cupid Ball VIII Promo

    A shout out from our friend's Frenchy and The Punk. They have been booked as special guests at this year's Stupid Cupid Ball VIII.

  • "The Word" From Montague Jacques Fromage: Stupid Cupid Ball VIII Promo

    Our new promo for Stupid Cupid Ball VIII. Montague Jacques Fromage tells us the good news!

  • Big River Steampunk Festival

    4 items

    This is our collection that holds all our promos, information, extras, etc. about Big River Steampunk Festival.

  • TeslaCon
    11 items


    11 items

    This is our collection of promos we have created for TeslaCon. We are creating a collection that will contain files and extra information on this convention so that Steampunks all over the world can discover this event and find out more about it.

  • Stupid Cupid Ball/Oddball Newt Events

    2 items

    This is the collection of promos that were created for Stupid Cupid Ball VIII. We will keep this collection as permanent reference for our Shenanigans Resource Guide. We will be adding extras and information to this collection so that Steampunks all over the world can learn about this event.