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Tixia - songwriter, vocals, melodies
Ben Henderson - instruments, recording

Ben Henderson was the former guitarist, saxophonist, percussionist and composer with UK band Bôa, but formed the separate musical project Moth with Tixia Henderson in the year 2000. Harking back to a time when songwriting was king, Moth's music flutters around genres, settling for a moment on one style before taking to the wind and finding new inspiration and instrumentation from different eras, Meaningful lyrics, haunting melodies and rich instrumentation are the trademarks of Moth's sound.

Their sound draws on a wide spectrum of influences from the 1920's to modern day Electroswing. This is reflected in their dedication to playing real instruments, which provides a warm, rich backdrop to the hand crafted melodies. Each album is full of songs with different styles. Ben Henderson provides the instruments and recording, and their recording studio is littered with ancient instruments and recording devices. Tixi's voice is the glue that binds all of Moth's music together - and with a mixture of instruments being played and recorded by Ben, they serve up a platter of originality that is hard to find these days.

Moth have played at Steampunk events such as Lincoln Asylum, Phoenix Alternative Festival, Steampunk Village at Chatham Historic Dockyards; and have had their music featured in the multiple award winning documentary 'Cathedrals of Steam' directed by Jeremy JP Fekete for “ARTE découverte”. Justine Barker, award winning composer for film and tv says: We've come to expect a certain standard from Moth; lyrics that are real poetry - no schmaltz, a real variety to keep you plugged in and excellent, inventive production - 'Not Before Time' does not disappoint.

Moth are currently working on their forthcoming album: A Chance to Daydream.
When two Steampunks live together in a recording studio surrounded by instruments, this is the music that results.