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Feline & Strange

Feline & Strange

Extremely ill-tempered opera singer, pianist and producer Feline Lang, metal cellist Christoph “Chief” Klemke, and punk drummer Rah Hell are back on the road in Europe and the US with their mesmerising Wave Cabaret Show, presenting the upcoming album: TRIGGER WARNING. A scaringly forceful shift between piano-driven Cabaret Punk and harsh electronic Wave. A message from another realm right behind you.

„Feline & Strange wowed most of the crowd from their very first note... along the rim of pure experimental as Lang pours passionate plea into dark lyrical lines... stands miles apart… supernatural cello work... some of the most interesting music I’ve heard in the States in quite a while“ (The Aquarian, US)

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Band name: FELINE AND STRANGE (Feline & Strange)
Genre: Wave Cabaret / Dark Cabaret / Gothic / Alternative / Music Theater
Lineup: vocals (female) / synth / piano / cello / drums
Band members: Feline Lang (Songwriting, vocals, piano, synth, ukulele), Christoph Klemke (cello, percussion), Rah Hell (drums)
Duration of show: 45 - 90 min without break (longer or multiple sets possible)
acoustic show: piano/vocals, piano/vocals/cello or ukulele/vocals/cello
recommended for age 12 and over
»seltsam schön...Eine der schillerndsten Frauen der deutschen Musikszene« (Brigitte, D)
„Feline and Strange’s music stands aloof, drawing upon human emotions, political and feminist issues to achieve its sound… a tantalising yet unpredictable sonic journey, a jarring but electrifying listening experience… the audience … cannot help but ponder “What will Feline and Strange do next?” (Glitter or Litter, UK)

Bio - Feline & Strange
When opera singer and directress Feline Lang decided to write her own songs back in 2010 she gathered creative musicians from different musical backgrounds - from punk to jazz - around her and The Chief (Christoph Klemke), and the first incarnation of Feline & Strange was born. With piano, cello, brass, bass, percussion, and her own powerful voice, she orchestrated the songs of the band’s first records, BEHAVIOUR and SCIENCE FICTION, which filled the national media with enthusiasm. Feline’s ironic but also deeply desperate style defined the band’s spirit from here on.
„Ces fêlés du crâne presentant...ce spectacle dé .symphonie pour le nouveau monde à la sauce teutonne“ (Concertmonkey, BL)

Feline & Strange