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Doc Talk

Doc Talk

7 Episodes

We are proud and happy to offer these episodes of Doc Talk made especially for Subgenres Channel. Join Doc and Harry as they take us through the varied stories and events in their lives.

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Doc Talk
  • Doc's 71st Birthday

    Episode 7

    Doc celebrates his 71st birthday with friends.

  • Las Vegas Steampunk Ball 2021

    Episode 6

    Doc and Harry attend the Steampunk Ball 2022 at The Millenium Fandom Bar.

  • Egyptology 101

    Episode 5

    Doc Phineas tells us about his days as a young archeologist in Egypt.

  • Valley of Fire

    Episode 4

    Doc and Harry walk through the Parklands of Nevada's Valley of Fire.

  • Ozzie The Giraffe's 8th Birthday

    Episode 3

    Join Doc and Harry as they visit the Lion Habitat Ranch and Ozzie the Giraffe on his birthday.

  • World Market

    Episode 2

    Doc takes us to the amazing Las Vegas World Market. The Las Vegas World Market is a huge trade show that focuses on the important people and cutting edge ideas of the Design World.

  • Nevada Wetlands National Park

    Episode 1

    Doc Phineas and Harry walk through the Nevada Wetlands National Parklands. Doc narrates chapters from one of his favorite childhood books "The Wind In The Willows" by Kenneth Grahame