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Dirigible Days

Dirigible Days

6 Episodes

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Dirigible Days
  • Strega Unbound

    Episode 6

  • What Has Sunk May Rise

    Episode 5

    The crew battles Salazar Strega, as the Woe Claw airship Vandal catches up to the S.S. Beatrix. If Santiago, Hoop and Josie should survive, what will become of them when they are face-to-face with Commodore Keitel and his mercenaries?

  • Hierophant Unbound

    Episode 4

    Having escaped from the brig and reclaimed his breathing apparatus, Salazar Strega manages to detain Josie, sabotages the engine room to distract Hooper and takes command of the S.S. Beatrix, steering it toward a more sinister destination--the sunken city of R'leyh. And when pitted alone against ...

  • Grasping At The Shadow

    Episode 3

    Josie attempts to explain the connection between her, Pinkerton Cornell and Salazar Strega to Captain Dunbar. Keitel and the Woe Claw pick up on the location of the S.S. Beatrix. And Strega decides he's spent enough time in the brig.

  • Strange Cargo

    Episode 2

    The crew of the S.S. Beatrix begins their journey transporting Pinkerton Cornell and his hooded and chainbound prisoner, Salazar Strega. Tension rises and tempers flare in the mess hall.

  • Adventure Is Inescapable

    Episode 1

    Due to a broken down engine on the S.S. Beatrix, Captain Santiago Dunbar is stranded at local tavern on Dali and is looking for a new engineer. Meanwhile, Woe Claw mercenaries are on the lookout for Pinkerton Antonio Cornell, who managed to steal from them a most dangerous piece of cargo...