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Behind The Goggles With Wullie Steele

Behind The Goggles With Wullie Steele

2 Seasons

Season Two of Behind The Goggles With Wullie Steele has begun. Join Wullie Steele as he interviews Steamers from all over the world and introduces his audience to the wonderful universe of Steampunk. You will discover musicians, authors, and Steampunkers of all kinds.

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Behind The Goggles With Wullie Steele
  • Natasha Klassen

    Episode 13

    Atticus Oldman chats with Natasha Klassen of Subgenres Channel.

  • Madeleine Holly-Rosing

    Episode 18

    Atticus talks with Madeliene Holly-Rosing, who is the force behind the Boston Metaphysical Society.

  • Cap Nathaniel

    Episode 1

    Atticus chats with good friend Cap Nathaniel Tennyson Skirmish about Steampunk and all the shenanigans.

  • Sonic 909

    Episode 2

    Join Atticus and Adrian Pryke as they talk about Sonic 909 and getting back to Steampunk and events.

  • Montague Jacques Fromage

    Episode 3

    Atticus interviews Montague Jacques Fromage, a Steampunk celebrity from the USA.

  • Doc Phineas

    Episode 4

    Atticus (Wullie) discusses Doc Phineas's Steampunk shenanigans. Doc Phineas is an American Steampunk personality that is an actor, archeology professor, model, and makes appearances on "Pawn Stars".

  • Gail Young

    Episode 5

    Atticus talks with Gail Young of Ornamentology, she is a custom professional hat maker from the UK.

  • Chasing The Dark

    Episode 6

    Atticus interviews Corvid Preest about Chasing The Dark. Listen as they talk about the music and the developments with the band.

  • Atticus Oldman

    Episode 7

    Tune in to Atticus Oldman as he answers questions from fans and his audience.

  • Kiss Like Ether

    Episode 8

    Atticus (Wullie) discusses music, life, and the band with Kris Parker from Kiss Like Ether.

  • Frenchy And The Punk

    Episode 9

    Join Atticus Oldman as he chats with Frenchy and The Punk, a musical duo from the USA.

  • Bonsart Bokel

    Episode 10

    Atticus (Wullie) discusses Bonsart Bokel's novel The Wrench In The Machine and the world of the Association of Ishtar.

  • Duke Box

    Episode 11

    Atticus talks to Duke Box who is an MC and a host that runs the Curious House of Stories. An off the grid Steampunk festival for hire.

  • Gordon Vader

    Episode 12

    Atticus and Gordon Vader talk about his work and activities. Join them as they talk about Dark Design and Steampunk.

  • Natasha Klassen

    Episode 13

    Atticus and Natasha discuss the channel, where it is going, and all the shenanigans involved in developing an international Steampunk channel.

  • Commander Bob

    Episode 14

    Atticus talks to Commander Bob, Bob Eisenstein from Victor Sierra, a Steampunk band from France.

  • Madam Misfit

    Episode 15

    Atticus chats with Madam Misfit about her music and what she has been up to.

  • Raising Steam

    Episode 16

    Atticus discusses the plans for Raising Steam Festival in the UK with Steven C. Davis.

  • Hopeless Maine

    Episode 17

    Atticus speaks with Tom and Nimue Brown authors of Hopeless Maine.

  • Victor and The Bully

    Episode 19

    Join Atticus and the boys from Victor and The Bully for a fun and fabulous interview about their music and shenanigans.