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Subgenres Channel is a little corner of the media world that celebrates the Universe of the Imagination. With a multitude of points of creative light how can we just focus on one star in a night sky of wonder?

We now host many genres on our channel, ranging from gothic horror, fantasy, traditional scifi to Steampunk, and more. Subgenres is now an Imaginarium (a place devoted to stimulating and developing the imagination) created especially for the fandom world. Here we welcome those that enjoy flights of fancy and adventures into fictional universes.

We understand that in Fandom we rarely just enjoy one genre, so Subgenres is embracing them all. Please join us as we create new content that includes tv shows, short films, and more that cater to alternative worlds, shares news (and tutorials) from makers and creatives within the Fandom community.


Shows specially curated and created for the Fandom Worldwide Community. Search no longer for unique and original content based on the genres we love.

News Magazine/Interview

We offer a news magazine show called The Monocle, an indepth look at Creatives in the Fandom Universe, as well as interview shows like Behind The Googles With Wullie Steele.

Alternative Music Video Archive

This is our permanent Alternative Music Video Archive. We collect music videos from underground and alternative bands. It is our goal to create a permanent archive that will ensure these artists have a platform to showcase their talent for the foreseeable future.

Specially Curated Vintage Film Collection

We collect Vintage Films from many eras for our viewers. Some date back to the original first films ever made. Watch history light up before your eyes and enjoy stepping back into an illuminated past.


We have searched the world over and invited wonderful creatives to join us on the channel and share their knowledge with our audience. Join creatives like Marlene Kammueller and more to explore the Maker and Cosplay world.

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