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We here at Subgenres hope to provide a place for the Worldwide Steampunk Community to come together and celebrate our hobby. You no longer have to be the "Only Steampunk in Town".

Subgenres strives to provide Steampunk content, made by Steampunks, for Steampunks, to explore the vast universe of imagination and creativity that is this genre. Our definition of Steampunk includes many related subgenres like; Ray Punk, Cyber Punk, Wild Wild West, Pirates, and more.

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Steampunk television shows specially curated and created for the Steampunk Worldwide Community. Search no longer for real Steam in your tv. We provide Steampunk content made for Steampunks, by Steampunks.

News Magazine/Interview

We offer a news magazine show called The Monocle, an indepth look at Creatives in the Steampunk Universe, as well as interview shows like Behind The Googles With Wullie Steele.

Steampunk Music Video Archive

This is our permanent Steampunk Music Video Archive. We collect music videos from Steampunks who make music, also we include musicians that Steampunks love. It is our goal to create a permanent archive that will ensure these artists have a platform to showcase their talent for the foreseeable future.

Specially Curated Vintage Film Collection

We collect Vintage Films from many eras for our viewers. Some date back to the original first films ever made. Watch history light up before your eyes and enjoy stepping back into an illuminated past.


We have searched the world over and invited wonderful creatives to join us on the channel and share their knowledge with our audience. Join creatives like Marlene Kammueller and more to explore the Maker and Cosplay world.

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